The markets of Nice

Nestor & Jeeves turns into a travel guide to help you discover the must-see places in Nice and its surroundings. Today we propose you to discover the different markets of Nice. You will be able to buy local souvenirs, such as olives, handmade soap, or treat yourself with beautiful bouquets of seasonal flowers.

1- Cours Saleya market

There is not only the flower market, from Tuesday to Sunday, take a walk in the old town of Nice and discover the Cours Saleya market. This market is very pleasant, the colors of the products and the historical buildings of the old city will make your stroll unique.
Craftsmen, florists, fruit and vegetable producers, all are present and exhibit local products and crafts from 6am to 1pm. This market is very coveted by the city dwellers and also by the tourists, because you can find all kinds of things there. Let yourself be caught by the different smells of olives, spices and handmade soaps sold by local artisans.
Don’t hesitate to take a snack to go and enjoy it on the beach which is only 2min walk from the Cours Saleya!

2- The Liberation market

At the top of the avenue Jean Médecin, this famous market is one of the oldest in the city. It stretches from Place Général De Gaulle to Avenue Malaussena. Open from Tuesday to Sunday until 1pm, you will find delicious local products, such as vegetables and fruits in season, straight from small producers. But also, the fishmongers with their freshly caught fish from the morning and especially at a record price! The atmosphere of this market is, as you can imagine, enticing shouts, colors and smells to give you a wolf hunger!
Close to the square is the “Docks de la Riviera”, an atypical shopping area where you can find a cheese maker, a baker, a butcher and a pork butcher, not to mention a brasserie that offers minute dishes.
To get there by car, a paying parking lot is available next to the south train station, and by streetcar you will have to stop at the Libération stop.

3- Palais de Justice Market

Every Saturday, booksellers and artists invade the Place du Palais de Justice to set up their stands with their various books and trinkets. Old and rare books are up for grabs! But also, works of art or postcards.
This market will delight collectors and art lovers!
Attention, this market does not take place permanently, the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month it is the painters and artists who take place from 8 am to 6 pm.
The 2nd Saturday of each month, it is the old books from 8am to 6pm.
And to finish the 4th Saturday of the month it is the old postcards from 8 am to 6 pm.
We advise you to discover this place where time stops to browse and maybe find the rare pearl!

Other markets in Nice and the surrounding area are also worth visiting. For example, there is the flea market with multiple antique dealers in the Port district and on the Place Garibaldi you will find the second-hand dealers.
We advise you to visit this site: which will give you the many dates and places of the markets in the Côte d’Azur.

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