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Dealing with your "Syndic"

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Dealing with your "Syndic"

Your objective
You want to free up your time spent planning, searching, managing, organising, negotiating...

Our mission
Our job is to deal with all those daily chores for you, or just to satisfy a sudden whim.

Our distinction
We constantly strive to put your best interests first.

If you want us to deal with the "syndic" on your behalf, or if you are unable to attend a general meeting of the co-owners of your building, your Manager can represent you and defend your rights and interests.  This is particularly important if you are keen on making sure that your property is kept properly maintained and improved and, subsequently, keeps its value.

Your Manager is fully versed in the applicable law and regulations, so he can advise you on whether to vote for or against any works or new property charges. He can even advise you on proposing improvements or modifications that you would like to see done on the building.

At the annual general meeting, your Manager will look through the accounts, discuss the proposals and voting with you, explain the advantages and drawbacks of each point, represent you at the general meeting and vote according to your instructions, then put a report on your customer area.

Of course, your Manager will be permanently in touch by email and phone with the "syndic" and the co-owners’ committee throughout the year.