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Taking delivery of a new-build property

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Taking delivery of a new-build property

Your objective
You want to free up your time spent planning, searching, managing, organising, negotiating...

Our mission
Our job is to deal with all those daily chores for you, or just to satisfy a sudden whim.

Our distinction
We constantly strive to put your best interests first.

This service is for customers who have bought a brand new apartment or house off plan.

If you do not live locally, our Manager will check the progress of the works every four months and will report on developments.  Photographs will be available in your customer area.

When the building works are finished, your Manager will see to it that the changes and supplements that you ordered have been properly executed.  He will be with you when you inspect the finished property with the developer, he will pick up the keys and have any disorders noted and dealt with, until all the finishing works have finally been done.