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Your objective
You want to free up your time spent planning, searching, managing, organising, negotiating...

Our mission
Our job is to deal with all those daily chores for you, or just to satisfy a sudden whim.

Our distinction
We constantly strive to put your best interests first.

Sabon -The Essance of Pleasure

You can find Sabon stores at Cap 3000 or simply at Nice Etoile which is Nice shopping center located 30 rue Jean Medecin, the main street of downtown. Sabon’s...


Kanye West – The life of Pablo

February 11th marks the release of Kanye West’s long awaited album. During an important VIP show at the Madison Square Garden in New York, Kanye has decided to...


The best holidays outfits

With the holidays approaching, the stress is getting bigger and bigger... What will I wear?! Because everybody knows that Christmas is the time you take beautiful family...


The Tea-mania

With Winter approaching and temperatures getting lower and lower, we kind of want to get warm by drinking Winter’s typical hot drink: tea. Tea has always been...