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How it works

Your objective
You want to free up your time spent planning, searching, managing, organising, negotiating...

Our mission
Our job is to deal with all those daily chores for you, or just to satisfy a sudden whim.

Our distinction
We constantly strive to put your best interests first.

If you would like to try our services for the first time, just leave us your contact details and we will call you back immediately.

Contact us

At any time when you need your Personal Assistant, just leave a message on the Customer Area, or contact him or her by telephone giving your PIN number.

Your Personal Assistant will find the solution that is best adapted to your needs, letting you benefit from his or her experience, creativity, relations and priority contacts.

You have nothing to worry about, your Personal Assistant looks after everything for you !

You can log in to your secure Customer Area to see the documents that we have archived for you and track all the assignments we have done on your behalf.

If necessary, we will search, negotiate and offer you one or more solutions.

Depending on the type of service you want, the provider will invoice you directly with no surcharge.

Contact us